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ny patch på vei!
« på: 22 Oktober 2010, 17:33:12 »
Some fixes are coming for Bad Company 2 for PC, people!
Now.. we want to announce these first fixes we have made and let you know that these are just one part of a bigger list of updates that we are going to release very soon. This update will also require server downtime

Here is the complete fix-list for the patch
 - All Weapons Bronze Insignia requiring an unobtainable bronze star for the tracer dart – requirement removed.
- Improved Hit registration made through several fixes and some of the hitboxes themselves have been changed. This will increase the accuracy of guns.
- Blue box chat window removed
- The 2 second immunity when spawning/being revived will now be immediately removed either by firing, zooming, or any movement (move, crouch, jump). A Spawning Player can still orient passively in the Game World..
- 3D vision fixed.
- Fixed slug shotgun zoom crosshair on PC so they better represent the long range accuracy. Crosshairs now close more on PC, similar to consoles.
- Reduced slug shotgun hip accuracy to require zooming for consistent long range accuracy. Hip accuracy is now on par with the semi automatic weapons.
- Fixed a bug on PC where the G3 would do less damage than intended.
- Fixed VADS turning sensitivity on PC so it performs like the ZU23.
- Reduced VADS push back and damage to balance it with the ZU23.
- Fixed a bug where vehicle countermeasures would fail to remove tracer darts at high speed.
- Reduced the reload time for vehicle countermeasures.
- Slightly increased the AT4's damage vs armor to emphasize its anti vehicle role while keeping it balanced vs armor.
- Increased the AT4’s top speed and acceleration so users spend less time exposed when firing.
- Increased the AT4's splash damage so it competes with other AT weapons vs infantry. The AT4 still has the least splash damage of all AT weapons.
- Reduced the splash damage of the Carl Gustav to bring it in line with other explosive weapons. The Carl Gustav still has the most splash damage of all AT weapons.
- Increased the 1 shot kill range of the M95 body shot to counter its lower rate of fire.
- Fixed a bug with the SVU that gave it better close range damage than other semi auto weapons.
- Reduced all weapon damage to the MCOM by 50%.
- Fixed an C4 vs MCOM exploit on Atacama Desert.
- Fixed a bug with FOV when aiming the M1911.
- Lowered the close range damage of the AN94 to highlight its long range role.
- Increased the accuracy of the F2000 on the move to highlight its role as a mobile AR.
- Increased the close range damage of the shotguns to give them a greater advantage vs slugs.
- Slightly lowered the damage of the M60 to balance its accuracy advantage vs other LMG's.
- Slightly lowered the damage of the MG3 at close range to balance it with other high rate of fire weapons.
- Slightly increased the damage of the UH60.
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Sv: ny patch på vei!
« Svar #1 på: 23 Oktober 2010, 23:28:17 »
Sounds good


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Sv: ny patch på vei!
« Svar #2 på: 24 Oktober 2010, 00:19:59 »
3d vison mulig for å lage film da :)


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Sv: ny patch på vei!
« Svar #3 på: 28 Oktober 2010, 16:57:41 »
patchn kommer ut imorn sier dem

heile lista e i første post nå
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